Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The bike helmet that I am using right now looks like an overgrown mushroom on my head. I mean seriously.

I am sure the manufacturers must have taken great pains and effort to design a safe and secure helmets with our safety in mind. However its is my opinion that the designs looks like shit.

Like I said, an overgrown mushroom.

Having write that, in my search for the all round cycling helmet that not only focus on safety, but also comfortable and looks great, I came across Giro. Researching more information about this brand in the Internet, its actually very popular with the pros. Lance Amstrong and Alberto Contador wore Giro Ionos. Not that I am near Lance Amstrong standard by the way.

From Giro's website;

Ionos is the most ventilated and technologically advanced road cycling helmet Giro has ever created. Our proprietary in-mold composite sub-frame (I.C.S.™) provides the strength to support 21 of the largest vents ever carved into a helmet. These massive vents, coupled with an intricate network of internal channels, create a cooling system we call Wind Tunnel™ ventilation, making Ionos the coolest, best-ventilated helmet available.

The Giro cycling helmet's price is a little bit steep. Wiggle.co.uk sell it at USD 215.99 @ RM 706.99 and Giro website's price is USD 230.00 @ RM 751.87. In Switzerland Ionos cost about CHF 399.00 @ RM 1,228.99 which is way more expensive than the price offered elsewhere.

Its not widely available here in Geneva, and if I ever decide to acquire this one, it looks like I have to order it online. And starts saving.

In the mean time I shall continue my quest for a safe, secure and comfortable cycling helmet.

Oh, and the one which looks cool too, of course.


  1. bro!hang nak beli topi ni?mahaiiiiii nyaaa!!!

  2. NQR: Ituler yang simpan duit ni. Hehehhe