Thursday, March 4, 2010



I was asked by one of the regulars here what happened to my biking activity.

Well, since its winter time for the past 3-4 months in Geneva, and I sort of taking a break from biking. Its also been snowing regularly, and its really not the best time to indulge in this kind of activity. Although there are some who braved the minus temperature and keep on cycling during the winter time.

A full, head to toe, body warming accessories are needed if I want go biking which more or less includes full hand gloves, leg warmer, arm warmer, shoe covers, thermal jackets etc to keep warm. These stuffs are a really expensive to buy here. To acquire all those things in one shot boleh jadi bankrap, so pelan-pelan ler. By the way, I bought all my biking stuff online at since it cost much less. And so far I am happy to report that I dont have any problems with all my orders.

The other update is that I finally bought a roadbike. A Colnago Primavera. Its a 2008 model and I got it on discounts, which was less about CHF 600.00 from the original price. I dont know how much this road bike cost in Malaysia. For newer and more famous bicycle models, the price tag is about CHF 4,000.00 (RM 12,868.79) to CHF 8,000.00 plus (RM 25,737.59). Boleh beli kereta.

With this new bike, I hope to clock a little bit more mileage than the usual 20-30 km with the MTB. Nope, I am not ditching the MTB. The problem with this is that my love one also want one! "Tak adil la, kalau ride abang pakai roadbike", she said. Well, no promises.

The other cool thing here in Geneva, bicycles is allowed on board trains for a basic fee of CHF 10.00. Since the railway line and network here in Switzerland is quite extensive, people ride their bicycles to the railway stations and hopped on the train (with their bike) to other towns. Its very convenient and cheap, plus its a good way to travel.

It is compulsory to buy insurance for bicycles which is about CHF 24.00 annually in case of accidents and other unforeseen circumstances.

I am also waiting for my bike rack Surco BT 3000 to arrive from the US. The normal one sold here won't fit the back of my CRV, since its spare tire holder was built a bit off the centre. This anomaly prevented my old bike rack to be hooked up. I cannot find a suitable one here in Geneva, and had to order it from the US. This model could carry up to 3 bikes securely and once it arrives, I planned to do some serious exploring on the many biking trails available around here.

Since I came back from Malaysia, the weather is still cold, but getting warmer every single day. I am planning to ride this new bike this coming weekend, if weather permits.

Thats it.

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