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These are the places I frequented when I was in Songkhla, Thailand, which was quite a long time ago. I used to drive for 2 and half hours going back to Malaysia on weekends just to have my lunch there. Not that I dont love tom yam kung, yamamuang and seafood which were in abundance in Songkhla, but if your daily staple consist of those everyday, ate with nasi lembik melekit, believe me, it gets to you, eventually.

I was pleasantly surprised,when I found out that these eating places still exists, when I went back to Sungai Petani, recently. When I was in Malaysia from September 2006 until May 2009, somehow I could not find the time to go there. This time though, I took the opportunity to go and belasah makan at all these favourite places.


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I used to drive back to Malaysia from Songkhla during weekends just to eat lunch here. It was a still a small eatery then, with few tables available and always guaranteed to full of customers. Food serves here are various type of ikan bakar but my favourite was the ikan sembilang, grilled to perfection. This place served authentic Perlis Malay cuisine.

The place now is much more bigger complete with car park. Back then I had to park my car beside the road and sometimes quite far away since all the nearest spot was taken by others who came earlier. Its still serves my favourite dish, the ikan sembilang bakar. I did not bring my camera, so, sorry, no pics to show you.

The place is quite easy to find. Just head out to Arau from Kangar. Approaching Arau, turn left towards Mata Ayer. Pokok Sawa is located just before the small Pekan Mata Ayer on the right side of the road. You cant miss it. Back then it operates only during lunch time, but I dont know whether now they open at night.

For more information, please visit this blog.


Another favourite restaurant of mine, Dee Pumpung serves good kari kepala ikan dish. I refer to this place simply as Pumpung (without the dee, which I have no idea what it refers to). The restaurant's signboard warmly greets and invite customers in.

Beside the famed kari kepala ikan, Pumpung also serves ikan nyiok-nyiok, ayam madu, and other varieties of masakan kampung, Kedah style. if you are an ulam guy, then this place is definitely your own piece of heaven for it.


Whenever I passed by Alor Setar, on my way back to Sungai Petani, from Songkhla, I will usually tapau Mee Abu's mee rebus for my parents. The mee goreng mamak was quite good too. But I have to say that the tasteful kuah which made Mee Abu famous, is somewhat lacking the umph compared to what it tasted like 15 years ago. But it still good. Kuih and paru lebih as usual.


Well, this is a new one. Did not yet exist back then when I was frequenting Alor Setar in search for good food.

I found out about this place from a lady in the MAS office at the Alor Setar airport. The building seems to me was converted from an old school or office building. The choice of colour in its interior is bright eye catching yellow, but it does light up the place as lively and busy. There are many different small stalls offering various dishes operating within the building but only one counter who sell drinks, a perfect example of a true business monopoly. Imagine how much this guy make since everyone who comes to eat here will order drinks from him. Easy profit.

The food that I ordered was okay. Not bad, but not excellent either. I was made to understand that this place is quite popular among the locals, who frequented the place to have breakfast and during lunch break. It is located in the vicinity of Alor Setar Tower. There is a huge parking lot at the back of the building, which is very convenient to the customers.

If you are in traveling to the the North, and looking for places to eat, I would suggest to try any one of these four. I highly recommend it, although I am sure there are many other good places too that I dont know.

And what is a blog post about food without food pic? Please do keep your kecur saliva in your own mouth (especially you mengidam pregnant ladies. Hehehe)

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