Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Fire burns. And doing that, it produces an array of bright, raging colours. Its an amazing sight to capture. I used 70 - 300 zoom lens and shot from a safe distance since the heat was strong enough to inflict bodily harm to me and the camera. It even melt the water bottles within the heat range without the fire actually touching it.

Recently, my family and I did a cleaning job at our house and decided to burn some of my arwah father's unused old stuffs.

My father was a collector of some sorts, I should say. Collected everything from barb wire, wooden planks, 2 x 4, to old boxes. And instead of throwing old stuffs like the out of commission furnitures, he chose to keep it, including boxes of things I bought for him and my mother. Like the shoebox which I bought a pair of shoes for him when I was in Vancouver, in 2003. Or the computer boxes which I hooked up a computer to the Internet so that he could have a video communication with his grand daughters. My love one did asked him once why he kept all that, to which he replied, "Kalau abah nak pakai, dah ada dah". To which he never did anyway, and things accumulated in the house, occupying precious spaces, collecting dusts and kapang, deteriorating. Perhaps he's keeping it all because it reminds him of all his children and grand children, I don't know. Maybe so.

Here are some of my shots of the raging fire.

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