Thursday, July 22, 2010


A friend asked me for some advice on what essential items to pack for a day trip.

I am not well qualified and not well traveled enough to give such advice, but personally , I think it really varies, depending on the duration, mode of transportation, personal preferences etc, etc.

For me, the things I'll usually bring with on a day trip are:-

1. Backpack - a strong one with not too many pockets. Some empty spaces in the bag for souvenirs.
2. 1 extra t shirt/ jackets - just in case I need a fresh one.
3. Camera with a standard and a telephoto lens, two 4 gig memory cards (one functions as a backup) - better to be prepared than sorry. There is nothing more frustrating than to find out the only one memory card I brought is full/ corrupted/ damaged.
4. Mineral waters.
5. A packet of Panadol.
6. My love one will usually pack some sandwiches/ cekodok or biscuits for snacks in case the children got hungry.

I am comfortable with loose shirts and knee length seluar pendek for ease of movements. Good walking/ running shoes is must since there will be a lot of walking around. Definitely no kasut kulit or selipar jepun since it will limit movements. I would also not recommend high heels shoes for ladies.

Both hands should be free. I am not in favor of holding souvenir bags or whatever, because it will restrict my movement in case I need to act quickly and decisively, like stopping my children whenever they have that sudden crazy urge to cross the streets, or holding their hands in crowded places. Having plastic bags curled around the fingers will definitely slows me down.

No high heels or slippers for my daughters since being children, they will want to run and play. Sport shoes/ sneakers is the best option. They wear pants, capri or sometimes long skirts, again, for ease of movements.

I noticed a lot of people dressing up as if they are going to a dinner or on a date, but like I said, its their preference. I personally would not though, since obviously traveling its not like we are going on a date.

Travel light. Its more fun.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have put off the trip to Annecy, France many, many times.

The thing is, living in Geneva, there are these nearby places and towns around that should made wajib pergi destinations since, its really not far, doesn't cost much and can be visited and covered in a short time. Well, because of that, I always think that I should go and visit those faraway places first, and those near ones, can be visited later.

I think I have postponed it long enough, since who knows, before we know it, I might be posted to somewhere else already.

I made it a point to read about a place before visiting it. Apart from the gaining background information, I want to prepare myself, in case my second daughter (the inquisitive one) ask me questions about the place. The brief write up in Wikipedia is usually sufficient enough for me to arm myself with the local knowledge and satisfy her curiosity.

Annecy is formerly the capital of Canton of Geneva and became part of the House of Savoy in the 15th century and was then conquered by France during the France Revolution. (You can read the rest of its sejarah here since I know that I bore you to death!)

Its a small town located at the shore of Lake Annecy. The main attraction is its medieval old town, with its ancient buildings wonderfully preserved. A lazy, clear and VERY CLEAN river runs through the old town, flowing to the Lake Annecy. Lot of tourists around, exploring the town and along the shore of Lake Annecy.

Enjoy the pics.