Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The last time I went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan was 13 years ago. So much has change since then.

It would be an interesting place to take pictures, if I had not forget to bring my camera battery with me in the rush of booking airplane tickets and packing.

Its not easy to find a replacement battery and its charger for my Nikon D70s especially in Kota Bharu, and on Chinese New Year holiday weekend, since all shops and outlets were closed. "Bateri kamero lamo nih. Tak tahu ado dok" was the standard reply I got from a few kedai gambar that stays opened. *Sigh*... its confirmed. My Nikon D70s is old!

I manage to find one on the third day, after a friend who's well connected in Kota Bharu persuaded his Chinese pal (who happened to own a camera outlet) to open its holiday doors just for me.

Lesson learned. Dont forget to bring your camera, (AND THE BATTERY, AND THE CHARGER!)

With little time left on my itinerary, and in between organizing every night tahlil and settling hal-hal peninggalan my late father, these are some shots I manage to capture.

Please dont ask me the contact details of the aweks. I dont have them, really. :)


  1. no telefon pakcik yang tebang pokok kelapa tu ada tak?