Monday, March 8, 2010


I went to Tanjung Dawai with a hope of capturing the activities of fishermen coming back from the the sea with their day catch at dusk. On top of that I was also hoping to photograph the beautiful sunset I heard about there.

As usual, I packed up my trusted ancient D70s with the standard 18-80 mm and a 70 - 300 mm Nikkor zoom. I was accompanied by my two nephews for company.

Tanjung Dawai Public Jetty with a couple of small boats to Pantai merdeka side waiting for passengers.

Ikan Belacak playing with the waves.

Tanjung Dawai is about 45 minutes drive from Sungai Petani and on the way, we passed by Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum with its famous chandi. I made a mental note to visit it sometime in the future.

We arrived at Tanjung Dawai at about 6.00 pm and had more than enough time to explore the fisherman jetties dotted along the coastline. Tanjung Dawai itself is a lively and bustling small town. A public jetty right in the middle of the pekan serves as embarking and departure point for small boat services which connects a few minutes journey to Pantai Merdeka on the other side across muara Sungai Merbok. Tanjung Dawai is famous for its home made belacan, salted ikan talang and the more familiar ikan bilis. Its also is a place for to find good seafood and ikan bakar.

We explore the fishermen jetties and snapped a lot of interesting picture of people doing their daily activities. Kids playing on the beach, anglers fishing and towkays strolling around waiting for the fleet begs our undivided attention.

Exploring the jetties for photo oppurtunity.

See the little girl playing under the wooden jetty?

The peraihs doing some light excercise waiting for the fishing fleet to come home with their catch.

One of the fishing boat.

Local anglers.

A family catching fishes for dinner .

Tired faces.

The sun setting slowly down the horizon provided interesting silhouette setting. I tried to capture it all while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I was so absorbed and mesmerized by the all the going on around me when my camera battery exhausted its life. So much for an imitation. (Remember that I forgot to bring along my original battery with me back to Malaysia and had to buy a replacement in Kota Bharu? Read the post here). I was cursing thunder and lighting under my breath since sunset was only a few minutes away. Luckily, one of my nephew brought along his compact Nikon with him. We then proceeded to take our place at the kedai makan near the public jetty and waited for the sunset. I had to be satisfied with the pic taken with the compact Nikon.

The fishing fleet coming home.

The sun finally sets in Tanjung Dawai.

Painting in the sky.

The lifeless Nikon D70s.

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