Friday, April 2, 2010


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Went biking with my love one just now.

The route that we took was from Grand Saconnex where we live, to Versoix and back, for a total of about 23 km.

Although the sun was shining bright, its still cold, and the temperature stayed around 6 degrees Celcius through out the ride. We hardly broke a sweat because of the cold weather. Kalau kat Malaysia dah berpeluh giler dah.

There a lot of people who went biking and we exchange dthe universal acknowledgment when we passed by each other by smiling and nodding our head slightly. Seriously, its the same everywhere. Including in Malaysia. Some Swiss that passed us by in their car would also offer encouragement when they saw us struggling to ride up hills.

Since this is the first day that we really pushed ourselves biking after the long winter hiatus, its a little bit tiring. This is also the first time we rode our road bike, switching from the MTB, and we still had to adjust ourselves to get use to the different riding style.

A little update, my love one got her new Colnago Primavera 2009 roadbike 2-3 days ago. Its the same model as mine, but much cheaper. The 2010 models is on the way, so the shops here are selling all the previous year's bicycle stocks at a heavily discounted price. Which is really great since there is absolutely no way we could afford to buy a Colnago back in Malaysia. A friend of mine grabbed a GT Aggressor MTB 2009 yesterday for a fraction of the original price. Can't complain about that!

Tomorrow, we planned to ride a different route with our friends in Meyrin.

If the weather permits, that is.

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