Saturday, September 4, 2010


I always wonder how people took that amazing silky look of running water/ waterfalls. There are a lot of websites that explained how to do this. My favourite is The Digital Photography Schools website. The language is easy to understand, technical jargon is kept to minimum and lots of sample shots to show how a shot was captured. There are also a lot of simple tips and ideas on how to take great photos.

My second source of reference is from friends who I considered as veterans tahap sifu in this field. Some are great amateurs who did this untuk mengisi masa lapang, others are pros, making a lot of dough from their photos but both are very, very passionate.

My third learning source is from books, photo blogs and websites. There are a lot of good books out there, but I found out some are a little bit expensive for my budget. I love to visit to view and study their photographers published pics.

Having been into this since about 7 years ago, I really think photography is a lifelong learning process, and still consider myself as a low rank amateur. But the satisfaction of viewing the end result of a photo really worth all the efforts and preparations to capture it.

Enjoy the pics.

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