Monday, September 13, 2010


Lavaux Vineyards is a UNESCO World Heritage site. So its no surprise that this is next on my list to visit, or to see, or to hike for that matter.

These anggur terraces stretched for miles and is located between Lausanne and Montreux by Lake Geneva. For those not in the know, basically there 2 types of grapes, one is for makan/ consumption (which back in my childhood days, were categorized as buah-buahan untuk orang sakit. A kilo of black anggur was very expensive then and only the sick, with the objective of pampering them, would have the opportunity to taste it, thus the label. Its also a popular buah tangan for my parents to bring whenever they visited their sick relatives or friends). The other type of grapes is for making wine. Grapes grown in Lavaux is for the latter.

As usual, I will leave my place at as early as possible to arrive at the intended destination before sunrise to capture some pics of the first sunlight. I went with my love one who obviously shared the same hobby as mine (that, or she wants to keep an eye on my outdoor activities! hehe). Daughters could not make it this time. I think its very hard for them to part with those comfortable, warm blanket and braved the cold morning.

We left Geneva at around 6.00 am and arrived at our destination at the Lutry train station where we parked our car. Grabbed our gears and backpack we walked up the marked path up the hill and unto the vineyards itself.

We walked passed by farmhouses and small villages. Some of these vineyards owners produced their own wine and this was marked by the roadside sign advertising their products. Grapes are usually harvested starting from late August to early October grape. This are also the time where many of the small wine makers arrange wine testing for interested buyers.

It as still early and theres not a lot of people around until the hiking path merged with a paved road. Stopped by to take pictures of the views which were simply (for a lack of a other words) breath taking. Its sort of different feeling and viewpoint from up the terraces, since we were no strangers to this area having driven along the road down below many times before. Continued our hike to the lakeside town of Cully to catch the train back to Lutry.

Enjoy the the rest of the pics.

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