Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This time I decided to bring my family and along with my regular hiking friend we headed out to Lauterbrunnen. Quality family time (we need more of that, okay!) The plan was to hike the Lauterbrunnen - Stechelberg route.


Unfortunately, at halfway point to Stechelberg, my plan was abruptly shot down by my youngest  6 year old daughter who complained  her feet hurts, "Its the new hiking boots fault, Abah." she insisted. And who am I to argue with such  well thought excuse?

So we went to see the Trummelbach falls instead. Which was great and we had loads of fun there. and the children competed with the roar of the glacier fed rushing waters to see who could make the loudest noise. I was cool with the alternate screaming activity as long as they were having fun. After all, I recently acquired a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 prime lens to take pic in low light situation and the decision to divert our route to see the Trummelbach falls was great for me since what better place to test the prowess of this much talked about lens than in a dark and cold man made tunnels.

Enjoy the pics.

Staubach fall

Staubach fall

Yeap, thats 2 of my girls.

Another waterfall

Moutain walls rising on both side

Fellow hikers

The trail markers

And winter shows its face again...


The entrance

The tunnels to the the viewing platforms

Rocks and the mountain walls being illuminated by spotlights
placed strategically to enhanced the wow factor

Long way down!

Bus Stop

The Swiss Rural bus (Macam bas Mara la)


  1. macam nak menangis tgk all the pics.. i love lauterbrunnen so much.. masa pergi dulu kitorang tak tau pun boleh masuk dekat viewing platform tu.. so dok tengok and admire staubach dari jauh je huhu... cantik sangat, tq for sharing.

  2. Lady: Kat staubach fall boleh naik sampai belakang air terjun tu, tapi yang ni gamabar trummelbach fall. Kat FB banyak lagi gambar kat Lauterbrunnen, thanks for suka gambar -gambar tu.