Sunday, September 12, 2010


I really was hooked with hiking.

The thing was, I never thought I will get into another activity since I am quite busy with all the running, cycling and traveling. And that does not include snapping pics!

How did I get into hiking?

Well, one morning about 2 weeks ago, I went walking into a forested area to find a waterfall, to do some practice of shutter speed shots of running waters. And of course, its a 2 -3 hours of walking to where it was located. Unknowingly, the search for the waterfall became a hike. To my complete surprise, I like it so much and was immediately and completely hooked.

In Switzerland the hiking trails are well marked with a very visible yellow signpost. Information of hiking durations and destinations were put up to give clear information to the hikers. Maps of the trails are readily available in the Internet. Difficulty rankings were given as easy, medium and challenging.

So far I had done 3 hiking trips, the first one along the de l'Areuse Gorge, Jura Mountain, the second at the Nozon Gorge, Croy and the third one was at the Vevey vineyards. Each trails were about 2 - 3 hours hike. The views were spectacular to say the least. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of marked hiking trails to choose from. Really-really cool. I am planning to hit those trails near Geneva first.

Photography and exercise.


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