Monday, December 20, 2010


All over Switzerland, this is the time where Christmas market sprung up in towns and villages. 

I do think its kind of fulfilling a basic economic theory, where there is demand, there is supply. Just like in Malaysia, people tend to spend more during the period leading up to a festival. People need new stuffs to celebrate the coming celebration and are more than willing to part with their hard earned money.

SBB (the Swiss Rail company) offers good rail tickets discount (30%) for those who wants to visit these Christmas markets. If a person have a 1/2 fare card, it will be double, meaning 30% off the Christmas market discount plus the 1/2 fare, for a total discount of 80% from the the original ticket price. Children below 16 travels for free provided they have a Junior Card and travels with at least one parent.  Since my love one and I have the 1/2 fare card, its a huge savings for us. Besides, I could enjoy the scenery on the train and not stress out trying to find the always elusive and difficult to find parking space.

Perhaps KTM could learn a thing or too from SBB and offer something similar since its a good way of promoting, attracting and encouraging people to visit.

I think I dont have to write about Montreux since its already famous and need no introduction. I mean, the jazz festival, the place where they sort of adopted Freddie Mercury need no more write up from me, right?

I observed the Christmas Market in Montreux do offer a variety of stuff that are not sold in the next door supermarket. Locally made handicrafts were featured prominently on the display, in between cheap clothing with its Made in China labels.Lots of good food too. Apart from that, there are stalls that sells Christmas ornaments and biblical figurines. And as usual in this kind of place, there are always  something to attract the children.. A giant ferris wheel  rose above the stalls. Its crowded, hectic and very fun place for people watching. The Christmas Market location right on the shores of Lake Geneva guarantees a great sunset view of the lake and the Chablais Alps.

These are some of the pics I took.

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