Thursday, December 2, 2010


Geneva was hit by a severe snow storm yesterday, paralyzing most of the public transportation. It snowed from Tuesday's night for about 24 hours non stop.

People walked to their work place since buses were stranded on the streets all over Geneva. Those who drives, found their cars and motorcycles under a deep blanket of fresh snows on Wednesday morning. Those who did not change their summer tires quickly found out that its a slippery world out there, with their cars skidding on the road.

By mid afternoon Wednesday, some people took out their skis and actually skied to the office. Seriously. Unfortunately I was not there to snap the pics and have to rely on what was seen by my love one and a colleague. (They swear its true!)

I was amazed to see a few guys cycling to to work in the deep snow. As far as I know, there are no snow tires made for bicycles. 

The snow blizzard finally stops around late Wednesday night after its success of disrupting the normal, everyday life of the people in Geneva.

The children however just simply loves it, and were spotted happily sledding and throwing snowballs.

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