Monday, October 18, 2010


As you can see, I am having problems with the new WYSWYG blog template to adjust the pics to be tidy and neat. So please forgive the unjustified arrangement of the pictures. Bear with me until I figure out how to do this properly.

Anyway, Mount Pelerin is located at the other end of Lake Geneva from Geneva., in Vevey,  where the Nestle HQ is.(I have Malaysian friends who works there). There is a funicular train servicing the Vevey- Mount Pelerin line. Buy tickets at the ticketing machine at the station. CHF 14 for adults and children are FOC if I am not mistaken. The funicular route cut across the Lavaux Vineyards  which I wrote about not too many posts ago.

The hike itself was quite interesting, where we walked with the aim to circle the mountain top, through  electrified cattle farms and thick forest, climbing steep hills until finally  we lost our bearings (Cant find the trail markers), so we decided to double back to the funicular station. 

Hiking time was 3 hours.

The Funicular Train tothe top of Mount Pelerin.

Trail marker "untuk pejalan kaki sahaja"

We were definitely not in Perlis la. Another trail marker.

The forest.

Tall, dark and straight up!

Mentari mengintai!

The forest entrance.

In the middle of a cattle farm. Berkabus lagi.

View? What view?

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