Monday, October 18, 2010


Nendaz is a winter resort. Never been here before. Definitely will go again this coming winter months just to see what it looks like with snows blanketing it.
Welcome to Nendaz!
There are kms after kms of hiking trails as indicated in the sign post.
Trail markers.
Stone fences.

A typical Swiss house.
Seriously, this is the first time I stumbled upon atap zinc. Common to us back in Malaysia, not so here. Its thicker.
A NOT so typical Swiss house, with a wall that could transform to a balcony.
Kuda kenit, we are but a common sight for him.
Local school kids along the hiking path.
I like this!
The Bernese Alps mountain range
Honestly, I don't know what these were.
The Bernese Alps
The only stream we came across.
Private parking lots, jangan cuba la nak parking sini, keter kena angkut. They guard their parking lots seriously here.
The wooden bungalows is for sale. Harga? Mak aii, sejuta RM ada kot.
Cool eh?

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