Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The passing away of my dear friend last Monday hit me hard.

I cant imagine how his wife and his 3 little children must have felt. And I could offer nothing more than my sympathy.

We were warned, cautioned and reminded, time and time again in our daily prayers that we have to prepare ourselves to face life in hereafter. But, are we prepared to face it? How about those we'll leave behind. Are they prepared to face the fact that they will loose us too, someday?

The thing about all this is, sometimes we think death only happens to other people. It does not involve us, or our family members, or our friends, or people we know. We think those stories that we read in the newspapers will never be us. Its other peoples lives. People we dont know.

All is well, we presumed.

Until it hit us right on our faces. And at that time, we realized that we are after all, mere mortals.

We scrambled to search within our inner feelings for that something which could comfort us from our sorrow. We felt lost and helpless.

Over time, we will recover from our sorrow. Our fighting spirit, and determination will make sure we survive the sad episodes in our life.

Sadly, we will also forget about our loss. And we will again act like the sorrowful death comes only to other people.

Unfortunately, the cycle begins again.

For you, and for me, we wont live forever.

Immortals, we are not, and will never be.

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  1. Salam Bro Akula,

    Definately agreed with your post. With the experienced of my late brother Sharafi. See how her wife struggling to accept the faith and how to raise the kids. Only Allah know how difficult to face it. Maybe some people think with the Eintein word " don't think about the future, its come soon enough" but are we really prepared. "dunia dan akhirat". To see and help by SIL to settle all my late brother claims, debt, EPF, socso, insurance, cc etc, deal with 3 kids. Really give us a hard time. never imagine to go trough all this so soon. some more the the 1st kid will be in tahun satu next year.
    For us who are still can breath. "Mati itu pasti" tidak akan lambat atau cepat walau sesaat. When??? Only god know..

    Sharizal Sharif