Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its that time again to renew or to make our resolution.

Seriously, more often than not, we never follow through our new year's resolution, (if we even have one that is!). Lets be honest, who among us did what they berazam to do and were actually successful in achieving it.

Blame it on our weak mind, struggling spirits, or just plain busy schedule, but honestly I think there's not a lot of us who successfully completed the goals that we set out to achieve.

Some of us might also argue that we should not tagged the beginning of our new year azam by the Gregorian Calendar, being unislamic and all, and we should adopt the Muslim Hijrah Calendar for our new year resolution instead.

As for me, as far as I can remember, I never had one. I just couldnt be bothered about what I will or will not do in the coming year. It doesnt make any sense to me to have a new year resolution since I think the most important thing about azam, is whether you have the will to execute the plans to achieve the targeted objective(s).

Or not.

It doesnt really matter if its Gregorian or Hijrah too, as long as that objective are successfully achieved. And we dont have to wait for a specific date to start a resolution. We could make up and choose our own significant dates to begin our azam, for that matter.

Its either we do it, or we dont. No in between, and no lagging excuses.

Having said that, I think , having a new year resolution is perhaps the most mistaken concept of self improvement ever thought of.

Of course, all are welcome to disagree with me.

If some of us did have a resolution in the beginning of 2009 and managed to pull through though, I sincerely applaud and salute you.


Please dont wake up in the morning of 1st January 2010 and find yourself in jail or in bed where lies on that other side a person of the same sex, tepi longkang, etc.

Have a good one.


  1. Bro, best wishes and greetings. May you and your family enjoy good health, prosperity, peace and success in achieving all that you wish for.

  2. bro, happy new year to you and family. btw, how come your email not posted yet at your official office website?

  3. Jimmy : I wish the same for you and your family too bro.

  4. Anon: HNY too. Email? FB cool gak bro.