Friday, December 11, 2009


Switzerland self-image of tolerance and multiculturalism took a beating recently when more than half of its population voted to ban Islamic minaret. The Swiss Government in the meantime assured Muslims in Switzerland are free to practice their beliefs and that the minaret ban is not a rejection of their religion and culture.

From Wikipedia;

John N. Gray, the essence of liberalism is toleration of different beliefs and of different ideas as to what constitutes a good life.

For me, its expected. Its a decision that reflects the wish of majority. And honestly, I dont have any problem with that. Their country, their vote.

But the thing is, if a person's or a community religious symbols are not tolerated in a country, can we say that the country in particular practices tolerance and liberalism, as what was touted and championed and sold around the world? Lips service? I am more incline to think that is the case here.

In contrast, we Malaysians are not liberal, however we want to justify we are. But at the very least, in that sense we are brave enough to admit that we are not.

There is no point to sell and paint the image of multiculturalism and liberal thinking all around the world but back in their own backyard, all were thrown out the window.

Well, that and their decades old self image of tolerance.

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