Monday, December 14, 2009


Its always hard when we loose someone.

This morning, I went jogging as usual, but this time I was overwhelmed by the news I received earlier. A good friend of mine passed away. He was one of the first person I befriended when I arrived in the boarding school. We were in the same class for five years and played rugby for the school team.

How would I describe him?

Funny, jovial and a good man. And that is saying the least about him.

I last met him back in 1997 when I was working in Thailand. I went to his hometown in Parit Buntar, Perak and spent a night with him at his parents house. We talked about those stuff we used to do when we were in the boarding school. Laughter filled the night when we recounted every event that happened to us back then. When we parted ways the next day he told me he is going to get married soon after and his bride to be was pilihan his parents. Sort of arrange marriage, I would say. Of course, I ribbed him endlessly about how he still need his parents to find him a wife, and not finding one himself. He just smiled.

Thats the kind of person he was. He never went against his parents wishes and respected them so much. A good kind soul.

Over the years, whenever my school friends and I met, we exchanged news about others. His was always mentioned in our conversations.

I did not keep in touch with him after our last meeting except for occasional phone calls.

The news of his passing shocked me to the core. Perhaps, because in my head, I would always think that wherever I am, I knew, he will still be there in his home town, living his life, and I will have the time and meet him one fine day. But suddenly, now, that wont be true anymore.

Tears were streaming down my face while I ran. Flashes of schooldays memories with him keep on going through my head.

Getting ready to go to work, my youngest daughter noticed my tears and asked me why I was sad. "Ì never see you cry Abah, why you so sad?". I pick her up and brought her to my computer and showed her my friends pic. "I am sad because my good friend has just passed away". I explained. "He wont be here anymore?" She asked. "No he won't be here anymore". She was silence for a moment, deep in thought, and continued "You love your friend, Abah?"

With tears, I replied "Always, Adik, always.........".

Al Fatihah. Farewell my brother.


  1. al Fatihah Bro, really sad and shock! thanxs for your sms!

  2. No prob bro. We share rhe same sorrow.

  3. We gonna miss Pak Pi.May Allah bless his soul. Amin Amin Amin....

  4. salam bro....

    i'm looking for someone name sharafi also,...just typing his name through google and came across this best friend also name sharafi or pak pi, was my roomate all the way for 3 years at itm majung (Accountancy 1989-1991) it he is an ex STAR student Ipoh???-...allahuakbar...

  5. Akula
    Salam, kindly contact me for the above info
    just for confirmation of my friend
    Suhaimi 012-5381658

  6. Salam Bro.
    His face and name still keep flowing in my head. surf his name thru net and pop-up this blog with his name.
    No word can explained and described while reading your post.
    grief still overwhelms our famly.
    Yesterday Munir visited our family in Parit Buntar handover the collection from his Star friends. Thnk for the contribution.
    Pls. send our family regards to all all his friends. Thank you for have a good memories with him.

    Yes, miss to have a good brother and brother talk. miss everything about him.

    "Ya Allah, Ampunilah dosa2 abangku Mohd Sharafi dan masukkanlah dia diantara org2 yang mendapat shafaat" Amin.

    Mohd Sharizal Mohd Sharif

  7. Anon 1 Suhaimi : Yes, I think thats him . We called him Pak Pi too.

    Alternatively I am on Facebook. And theres a lot of news of his passing away within my schoolmates circle. Just searched for Akula Matiau in FB, add me, and in my FB notes theres a pic of arwah. You can confirm its arwah Pak Pi that I was writing about.


  8. Sharizal : Arwah Pak Pi always talked of you when we were in school. My deepest condolence for you and your family and keluarga arwah.

  9. To Sharizal...


    I'm Arwah pak pi closed friend during our studies at UITM. Please do contact me at 0123760576 nazri. Shock bout the news....semoga arwahnya dicucuri rahmat...alfatihah...amin...