Thursday, September 3, 2009


Remember when we were kids, theres this melodious tune that we sang, whenever we quarreled with our friends? It goes something like this;


and this;


I dont know what pissed us off so much when we were bombarded with this insulting chants. Perhaps our young mind at that time were thinking that if it were said many times enough, it will come true?

I have to admit that I got into a lot of fights with my friends whenever it escalated to name calling like this. And so were my friends, with me.

I wonder, perhaps breasts was an important component for our self integrity during our childhood days and thus when someone provoked our developing mind by insulting our errr..... breasts, then there was not other way to redeemed and defend that sacred honour other than fist fight?

I don't know, but come to think of it, I think its weird.

Weirder still, some of my childhood friends, whenever somebody touched them on top of their heads, they will automatically pat their chin upwards twice or thrice in quick succession as if to correct the imbalance of their head (cause by that touching on top of the head). I remember laughing like crazy when this girl, Nani, frantically tapping her chin upwards when a teacher slap her head with an exercise book. It doesnt make sense to me then, and it still doesnt make any sense now.

Back to the quarrel thing, I think, being at my age right now, falling out with friends are something that feels undesirable. I mean, I dont want to have a quarrel over silly, simple things. Trying to win an argument for instance, or when I was asked to do a favour that I dont agree with.

If I am in that situation, usually I will say no, and thats it. No means no. Or I will walk away from it. And if the other party still doesnt get it, its not my problem. They are the one who should deal with my decision. I don't owe anybody any explanation for saying no or walking away.

The more important thing is that, adults, when they quarrel, do behave like small kids. I have witness and personally experienced similar things. Small matters were blown up and months, or even years of friendship could end just like that.

I honestly think that its more a matter of opinion, and if we dont agree with it, so what, we just dont agree. What sane mind who feels the need to pursue such matters further is sometimes beyond me. And seriously its a stupid thing to act on. There are more important things to think about..... like world peace (Heheh).

Having said that, and if we still feel the need to feed the hunger of revenge in our egoistic mind, please feel free to yell the TAK KAWAN, SUDAH ! chant.

As many times needed, of course.


  1. Bro, gua ingat satu pepatah inggeris-"berkawan biar beribu, berkasih biar satu", apa de hal kalau dia org tak nak kawan sama lu, lu kawan je la dengan org yg nak kawan sama lu...ha ha ha, btw bro u r my friend..p/s - raya tahun ni balik SP ke??

  2. demerezo: Hahaha, you ae my plen too. Raya tak balik la tahun ni. Tengoklah tahun depan.