Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Akula's friend: Bro, I want to lose weight. Can you give me some advise?
Akula: I don't have any actually.
Akula 's friend : But you loose so much.

Akula : I dont think you can do it my way. That is 2 times a day working out, every day.

Akula's friend : I think I can do it, but not when I am busy. I mean I dont think I have enough time to exercise like you do.

Akula : And that's exactly why you cannot do it.
Akula's Friend: What?
Akula: You give excuses before you even starts.


Akula: I rest my case.

I think the most important thing, is to get over our denials that we don't need to exercise and our own self serving excuses of not to do it. People I met spoke to me about this and while they told me that they want to start exercising, in the same breath gave lame excuses such as;

1. Their doctor said they are still ok.
2. They did blood test some time back and did not find anything wrong.
3. They can still climb stairs without any problem.
4. Brag about their long past athletic ability.

I told them all that are good, and that they are wasting their time and their precious saliva (and mine) asking me for advice.

The thing is, I was like them before, always coming up with a lot of bullshit excuses to justify myself that I dont need it, although at that time I was physically in a really bad, bad shape.

Seriously, you have to want to do it to make it work.

Plain, brutal and simple.


  1. Bro, well done on your thing that i'll like to challenge you that is to quit ladoz...i did it and hope that you will succeed will tremendously make you healthier and fitter...good day & take care

  2. I really envy you bro. Hopefully I will follow your lead. :)

  3. Akula,

    Congrats...its wonderful to run at Geneva Lake especially during this time,watch out for the Geneva Marathon 09...sure best if dapat join..


    ps:aku baru nak start...after loads of lemang n ketupat...

  4. Goldbaeq: Nak try jugak lari marathon. Entah larat ke dak. How's yr first marathon experience? Citer la sikit. Thats a good blogging material tu bro.