Wednesday, September 23, 2009


How do we Malaysians, celebrate Aidilfitri in Geneva?

Obviously, of course its not the same as in Malaysia. No true lemang, ketupat here since we cannot get buluh lemang and daun kelapa or daun palas. But what we did were to improvise. Lemang was made in aluminium foil and for ketupat, my love one made nasi himpit. No problem to make rendang and kuih kacang since all all necessary ingredients are readily available in various Asian grocery shop in Ferney (France) and around Geneva.

Days leading to Hari Raya, we paid our zakat fitrah in the local mosque. The difference doing that compared to Malaysia is that theres no one to accept the payment, thus no akad. Zakat fitrah money were simply dropped in a box placed in the mosque. Thats it. Dont ask me sah ke tak sah. I dont know, and I am not the appropriate authority to comment on that. What I know is that I have fulfilled my obligation according to the practice here.

I went to a prominent Malaysian residence who was kind enough to volunteer his house for our Aidilfitri prayers. And nope, I was not the Imam, in case you are wondering. I dont think I was fit to be one, (banyak tanggung dosa) :).

We had delicious nasi dagang and sate and various Malaysian food prepared by the host. Others brought along additional pot luck traditional kuih muih too add up and to complete the Hari Raya gastronomy extravaganza.

My family and I stayed there until noon, meeting and renewing acquaintances and enjoying the good crowd. Just like in Malaysia where we visited rumah saudara mara on the first day of Raya, we visited other friends here instead and this continued well into the night, one house after another.

Raya second day, we visited another prominent Malaysian open house, and feasted on the variety of Malaysian dishes, again! Not that I was complaining. I am a simple man, and what more could you expect during Hari Raya celebration here in Geneva. Having delicious food among good friends and friendly crowd, is more than enough for me. The tradition of visiting other Malaysian house continued on the second day of Raya.

We were tired with the hectic schedule but neverheless, felt satisfied and happy to celebrate our first Hari Raya here.

And I know you readers had a wonderful Aidilfitri too in Malaysia.

Tomorrow, my family and I will be going to Berne to attend an open house invitation there. I know it will be great.

Salam Aidilfitri from Geneva.

Note: Pics will be uploaded once I have free time la.


  1. salam aidil fitri to you too. anyway, thanxs for the raya wish sms. Raya di Geneva sama macam raya di Taman Cempaka tak?