Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lets explore shopping in Geneva.

Well, for starters, there's definitely not a lot of shopping complexes if we compare what we have back home in Malaysia. The most prominent one is Balexert, followed by Manor, I think. (To give you and idea how big the shopping complexes here compared to Malaysia, size wise, let just say that it will take about 30 Balexert to fit in one Suria KLCC). Apart from that here are a lot of designer label shops in the old part of Geneva. Almost all of the famous brands had a store here (this is of course la a hit with the love one, whenever the subject of all things `designer label stuff' crop up in our conversation, where I would usually roll up my eyes, wishing hard I was somewhere else. :).

The most interesting aspect is that, whenever you want to buy something, lets just say, shoes for example, just pick up the one you want and pay. Thats it. No bored sales person to bug you, no lengthy sales pitch by the sales assistant. I like it that way. I don't need to say anything, just pick what I want, try it and see whether its fit and if I am satisfied, pay for it and get the hell out. Its efficient.

Friends here told me that its much more cheaper to shop in France. I dont know, but with the Swiss Franc to Euro exchange rate always favoured the latter, maybe its just true for some stuff. I mean its expensive in Geneva, but if converted to Euro, taking into account you have to pay more Swiss Franc for the same thing, you are actually paying the same amount.

In halal food case, as in meat and chicken, I can say that its 50 percent cheaper in France than in Geneva. So I buy all the halal food stuff in Anamasse or in Ferney, both in France.

Another thing I observed here, is that there's a lot of factory outlet around Geneva and in the whole of Europe for that matter. Foxtown in Lugano, Switzerland is a popular place for shopping with the expat community here. With 160 factory stores representing various famous brands, you could fulfill your deepest heart desire there for a reasonable price.

Theres also a small factory outlet in Aubonne, about 30 minutes drive from Geneva where they have a Nike factory outlet and other famous sports brands shop like Adidas and Reebok. I considered the prices as okay, and it will get cheaper if its sales time.

My favourite place to explore without any doubt is Media Markt where they sell those audio video stuff, computers, handphones, cameras, CDs, DVD's, Blue Ray Discs, video games............ well you get the idea. Its like a mini Low Yatt and a place where my male colleagues and I got our weekly and sometimes almost daily gadgets fix. Come to think of it, its very rare for me not to buy something there every time I visited the store.

A female colleague once remarked that she don't understand why we guys could spent hours browsing this kind of shop and what we searched for. To which I replied, "And you honestly think we can understand you ladies, wherenever you go shopping?"



  1. Bro, lu punya story betul2 buat gua macam berada di Geneva.., gua nak kasi lu satu idea!!! Amacam kalau lu bukukan blog lu ni utk tatapan org2 yg tak berpeluang membaca blog ni..Ok tak idea gua????

  2. De merezo: Hehe, nak ke orang beli?