Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How do we all make decisions?

Better still, perhaps the question should be, how do we conclude that the decision we made is the correct one?

Well, seriously, my humble and frank opinion is that, we don't really know. Until that decision played itself out, that is. Even then, good or bad, there will be question marks on how it actually should have been.

Its harder still, if we are dependent on our friends (or for that matter) our family members opinions to guide us on how we should decide.

We Muslims took to solat ishtikarah, as what our common practice dictates whenever we are ever in doubt. I have my own opinion about that, but perhaps mine is best not to be discussed here.

I honestly think that whenever we are confronted with a certain dilemma, in our life, more often than not, unconsciously we already know what we are supposed to do. What we usually think about, is to wonder what others might thought about it. Thats why we sought other people's advice, to see if they are having the same line of thinking too.

The other thing about that is, we definitely dont want people to judge us on our decisions and usually, we restrained ourselves from making radical conclusions that are not in line with our community accepted standards on a certain issues, fearing retribution to ourselves. And based on that, somehow and in some way, we convinced ourselves that certain decision was the best one, even if at the back of our mind we know that we could have made a better, more logical choice.

A friend of mine, once told me that, we could asked thousands of people for advice but the best decision remains our own since we are the one who will live with it. Not them.

I'll let you decide on that.


This issue has been bugging Akula's mind and brainwaves while he's busy whacking his enemy playing Mafia Wars on Facebook these past few weeks.

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