Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Have you ever read the book, Laksamana Tun Tuah, authored by A Samad Ahmad? Its the authors take on the legend of Hang Tuah based on the more well known manuscript of Hikayat Hang Tuah.

Anyway, I read it when I was still a young boy. A chapter in the book described in details Hang Jebat's final moments, dying in Hang Tuah's lap, after being outwitted and stabbed by Hang Tuah in their famous duel. In the book, Hang Tuah said something about being loyal to the Sultan is above and beyond everything else, his longtime friendship with Hang Jebat included.

I remember being upset at this point, pondering why Hang Tuah did what he did. This issue stayed with me for a while and became a favourite topic to discuss with friends whenever I had the chance to bring it up.

Until I grew up and understand politics.

The way I see it, with Machiavellian maneuverings of modern day politics in mind, I wish to argue that what Hang Tuah did was simply to protect his periuk nasik and to regain favour from the one who was in power.

Forget loyalty. Forget principles. There is no such thing.

What is more important is the opportunity or means and benefits one could get to surpass his opponents of the day.

The often quoted phrase, there is no permanent enemy or friends in politics is quite true. Its all fair.

Lets just hope nobody will share Hang Jebat's fate.


  1. SURE, "politics is the art of the possible" – especially if it involves politicians who can change their tune overnight

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  3. In a way I do blame Hang Jebat for his fate. His mistake was to expect Tuah as a brother like the old days and he let go his guard. I don't think he would even kill Tuah if he had a chance. But Tuah, with a clear intention, came to Jebat to kill, an intention Jebat failed to understand.

    Jebat is surely set to lose in the modern day politics.

  4. Rightly so... when they say 'dirty politics' or 'money politics', it would appear redundant somewhat..

    are there any good guys in the dastardly world of politics??

  5. Jimmy: Thats true. Macam tukar baju.

  6. E43St : You are right. Tuah knows what he wants to do the moment he accepted the responsibility. Where else Jebat I think was a bit confuse with the whole engko hidup lagi Tuah? Tapi aku derhaka ni sebab bela engko la ni. Engko nak bunuh aku pulak? Konpius, konpius.

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