Thursday, July 9, 2009


You would think that its very easy to find computer parts in a city like Geneva. I, however found out that its not easy.

My PC's graphic card has gone kaput. I was really surprised when I found out that its very hard to find a worthy replacement here. At least the one that match my specification. And forget about fixing your PC's. The repair cost is so high that it would be far better if you buy a new one.

I also found out that the mobile phone technology here is not as advanced as what we have in Malaysia.

Well, except for Iphone, (which I am using one right now). Its cost much cheaper compared to what Maxis offered back home.

I guess maybe its because;

1. Malaysia is far more advanced technologically
2. We are a nation of handphone crazy people
3. Handphones are not the `thing' in Switzerland
4. Swiss loves to talk with the real thing, face to face instead of relying on a string of SMSs and MMSs to communicate

Back to the PC parts thing.

I finally have to resort to ordering it online. The bad thing about online shopping is that you may never get exactly what you want. And if the sellers delivered the wrong thing you will be burdened by endless problems of having to return it and to get those online company to send you the right order. This is what I missed most about Malaysia, where PC parts are readily available in every shape and form (original or not!). If all else fails, I can always depend on Low Yatt Plaza to provide what I am looking for.

Living in a city lacking in what I am used to have easy access to is sort of annoying to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, its not that Geneva is not a great city to live.

Its just different.

For me at least.


  1. Maybe you can help buy me one iphone when you come back this raya for holiday. It's cheap right. COD. Thanks. Regards, Saya.

  2. low yat kena bukak branch kat sana la bro.


  3. Saya: Hehe, sorry raya tak balik.

  4. Dr. Bubbles: Tu la pasal, ada investors yang berminat?

  5. Nih label yang betul ke nih? Label bukan bragging right ke??


  6. E43ST: New blog, new label la.