Saturday, July 11, 2009


Or so they say.

I say its debatable. I am of the opinion that its more of a shrewd phrase invented by those who wanted deny the fact that they are actually entering their final lapse of life.

Lets face it, being a 40 year old means that we have lived for almost 3 1/4 of our life. It also means that, if we dont have what we want by the age of 40, theres only a little time left to achieve our dreams. That is, provided that we are not struck down by stroke or heart attacks or any other illness for that matter, which is a very common occurrence if we dont give a shit about our health.

Being in the forties should also mean that we are wise enough to make good decisions and be more mature in handling our everyday challenges, with 4 decades of life experiences in our bags to rely on.

A forty year old should be able to give intelligent counsel and advice to those in need (Friends, relatives, nieces and nephews included). Forty year olds are after all, the next in line to replace those wise old men before us, elders of their own generations.

Lets life begins at whatever suitable age we are comfortable with.

And with that, HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Note: Akula celebrated his 40th year yesterday and accepts only cash for presents.


  1. like i said, age is just a number.... all that matters is the way we live our lives....

    anyway, happy birthday, my friend... & remember, smoking reduces ur lifespan!! :)


  2. Happy Birthday Bro...
    May God give you strength to continue writing...

    P/s No cash la but here's a kiss.. Muahhsss

  3. Kawankaula: Oit takde nick lain ke? And yes, about the smoking thing... Am on it.

  4. MYA: Heheh, Thanks.
    BTW, I was really surprised when I met your good friend in Berne. Terbarai rahsia aku! Hehe

  5. Happy Birthday Bro. 40 is good.


  6. E43St: Thank you. And yes 40 is great!

  7. welcome to the club bro...long live ma....

  8. demerezo: Hahaha, Thanks bro. Finally...