Saturday, June 20, 2009


Pic captured with my trusted Nikon D70S, a dinosaur, in the ever evolving digital SLR camera world.

I noticed that here, at least within my circle, whenever theres an opportunity to take photos, everybody elses whipped out their D90s. Which in a weird way, made me think of those scenes in old cowboys movies, where every cowboys (Clint Eastwood included!) whipped out their 6 shooters. Thats exactly what I pictured in my mind. Honest!.

Not that I was embarrassed. Rather, sometimes it makes me feel that maybe its time to upgrade my SLR. After a lot of surveying, I think its not dirt cheap, but its affordable, especially during summer sales, where prices drops giler-giler.

But with pics like above, it looks like I am staying with the faithful D70S which has served me well over the years.

At least for a little while more.


  1. nice photos, berquality and lemak berkrim! compared to my old canon EOS 808.

  2. Jimmy: Thank you. Maybe its time to upgrade?

  3. The photo looks familiar.