Monday, June 22, 2009


My love called me at the office to inform that our stuff has arrived from Malaysia.

Akula's Love One : Barang dah sampai. Diorang tengah unpacking. Pinggan mangkuk, kristal, barang makan semua ok. Tak de yang pecah.
Akula : Tak penting semua tu. Basikal ok dak?
Akula's Love One: Apala..... yang itu pulak tanya dulu.
Akula : Ituler yang paling penting. Yang lain asal sampai sudah.
Akula's Love One : Yelah. Basikal you ok. Tayar je lembik sikit.
Akula: Roger and out. Rajin-rajinlah mengemas.

So, yes, I did asked about my mountain bike first. :)

Last Saturday, I went for my first ride in Geneva. After much coaxing, my love one finally agreed to join me. We took off at 6.45 am, riding the back roads toward Versoix. It was a cold, cold morning. (Its so cold, I even thought that our ears has turned blue). Cycled over the Geneva - Lausanne highway and continue to ride passed a bison farm/ ranch (Thats right. Theres a bison farm/ ranch right in the out skirt of Geneva. If you dont know what bison is, just Google it.)

After 3 hills and 5 kilometres, we had to stop since my love one was not feeling well.

Akula : Huh. Pehal lak ni?
Akula's Love One : Semput, tak de stamina. Rasa nak muntah.
Akula : Cheh! Apara...kat Malaysia, 20 km selamba je. Siap pecut jauh lagi. Satu Putrajaya round keliling.
Akula's Love One : Ni dah lama tak exercise. You tak pelah, joging tiap hari.
Akula: Okler, jom balik, tapi ambik gambar dulu. Nak masuk blog.
Akula's Love One: !&!!&#@**#@*& (Censored). Hoi Cik abang! Ni tengah letih ni!
Akula : Jap la! Satu gambar je.

Here is the pic .

I have to turn my back (trying not to laugh) so as not to piss off the already tired and pissed off love one.

We (actually ... I) made it home, safely, after that. :)

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