Sunday, June 14, 2009


I was invited to attend a function last Saturday in Bern which is about 2 hours drive from Geneva.

My colleagues told me that since I am going to bern, I should proceed to Aarau (which is about one hour drive from Bern) for cheap and discounted Bally stuff at its factory outlet there.

The thing is, I usually don't give a shit about designer labels stuff. My limited knowledge about these things are usually confined to the notion that they are overly priced and expensive. My love one of course was beaming and I swore I noticed her eyes lit up when she heard about this.

So anyway, off we went to Aarau in search of that Bally oasis. I have to mention here that I just bought a second hand black 2005 CRV which I received last Thursday. My love one couldn't stress enough how the timing of the delivery was perfect for our first road trip in Switzerland (and of course, I am sure, the first of many visits to that Bally outlet).

We arrived at the outlet at about 10.00 pm. Of course, there's a lot of shoes, handbags, leather jackets, and all things Bally, but after going through the store, none actually caught my interest. Maybe I am not a Bally person, I dont know, but I happily gave it a pass. Price wise, yes, its cheap. That is, if you think a CHF 299.00 shoes with a price slash of the original tag of CHF 900.00 is cheap, then of course this is a shopping heaven.

After a while, I was bored and went out of the outlet since those leather smells were knocking me senseless.

While pacing restlessly outside the Bally store, I noticed that there were other factory outlets in the vicinity which sells sports goods and bicycles. I immediately breathed a sigh of relief and offered thanks to the Almighty for saving me from the boredom. Now, THIS, was a shopping heaven for me. Ended up buying Shimano and Fox jerseys, bike shoes, and a few shorts. Browsed through the bicycle factory outlet to check out the price of road bikes, which I found rather expensive, even with the price cut.

Needless to say, both me and my love one left Aarau happy that day.

For different reasons obviously.

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