Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have put off the trip to Annecy, France many, many times.

The thing is, living in Geneva, there are these nearby places and towns around that should made wajib pergi destinations since, its really not far, doesn't cost much and can be visited and covered in a short time. Well, because of that, I always think that I should go and visit those faraway places first, and those near ones, can be visited later.

I think I have postponed it long enough, since who knows, before we know it, I might be posted to somewhere else already.

I made it a point to read about a place before visiting it. Apart from the gaining background information, I want to prepare myself, in case my second daughter (the inquisitive one) ask me questions about the place. The brief write up in Wikipedia is usually sufficient enough for me to arm myself with the local knowledge and satisfy her curiosity.

Annecy is formerly the capital of Canton of Geneva and became part of the House of Savoy in the 15th century and was then conquered by France during the France Revolution. (You can read the rest of its sejarah here since I know that I bore you to death!)

Its a small town located at the shore of Lake Annecy. The main attraction is its medieval old town, with its ancient buildings wonderfully preserved. A lazy, clear and VERY CLEAN river runs through the old town, flowing to the Lake Annecy. Lot of tourists around, exploring the town and along the shore of Lake Annecy.

Enjoy the pics.



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