Friday, May 14, 2010


My eldest daughter will be going for a 5 day camping trip in St Cergue in June. This is the first time she will be away from home and I am a little bit apprehensive and reluctant to let her go. The school did give us a choice and she can skip the trip, but when I asked my daughter, she told me that she wants to go. If its up to me, I will say no. But she has made her choice, and I have to respect her decision.

Perhaps, I worry too much for such small things. But, seriously, I cant help it. My mind is running through all imaginable scenarios and all sort of possibilities, of what could be going on there in the camp. There are lot of things that I worry about. How would she eat, what if she got sick, will she be homesick, those kind of things that I or my love one usually takes care of and reminds her to do.

I am very protective of my daughters. They are not allowed to go anywhere on their own, without either me or my love one presence.

I am sure other parents in similar situation would share the same feelings.

A friend of mine, worry about letting her 19 old months daughter sleeping alone in her own room for the first time. All through the night, she kept on checking if her daughter was safe and sound. The daughter of course, survived the night with flying colours.

I guess, as parents, we cannot afford not to worry. But our children growing up process also means that we have to let them learn to do things on their own, since there will be a time where we wont be there for them. We have to let them be independent, make their own decisions, however hard that is for us.

Its worries me a lot, but I have no other option than to start embracing the fact that my daughters are really growing up. I have to learn to let go.

Tell you what.

Its really damn hard.


  1. hoho..manage to track u back!

  2. Hahahha, great detective work! How are you? 2 kids now? Wow! thats really productive. Its really cool to meet you again, walaupun dalam Internet. Hehehe