Friday, May 21, 2010


Last few weeks, a VIP was in town and he took the opportunity to meet with Malaysians in Geneva.

After dinner, Mr VIP open the floor to ask us if there is anything that we would like to know about the current political situation in Malaysia. I took up the opportunity to address some of my concerns.


I started my 5 minutes shot to glory sharing political stage with Mr VIP by saying that its my honest opinion the People Up There should do away with the old guards who are still up there leeching their time. My generation could not identify ourselves with them and their ancient way of thinking.

I continued by saying these new technologies and alternative medias should be embraced and capitalize by the People Up There, and not barred since one would never win if they compete with evolution.

I explained to Mr VIP that people, especially the younger generations are more inquisitive and more facts orientated, beside being more politically conscious and hungry for information. These younger generations is the target group that the people up there should be cultivating.

I sort of told him because of that fact, coercion and scare tactics would not easily work like before.

I then asked for his opinion on the matter.


Mr VIP replied that he acknowledged and shared my concerns, and assured me that efforts are being made and the People Up There are working hard to change the situation on the top. More fresh new faces are being considered so that they will close up the generation gaps to represent new breed of leaders so that the younger generations could identify themselves with.

Mr. VIP then asked what the People Up There should do to change.

Akula :

I took up his question by first explaining that I was a voter in the last election. As the man on the street, issues concerns that influenced my decision on who to vote are basically the ever increasing cost of living and security.

I told him that I found it very hard to bring up my children with the increasing cost of food and petrol. And these are the most basic thing I was taking into account. Ignored complains, lack of enforcement, empty promises and irresponsible and arrogant statements from the people up there made the other side of the political divide looked attractive.

I suggested to Mr VIP that perhaps the People Up There should looked back at the struggle of our earlier leaders after independence where the most important thing for them were to improve the living conditions of the masses.

I told Mr VIP, the responsible People Up There should have the willingness to shift their priorities and mindset and take care of the basic needs of the man on the street instead.

Finally I told Mr VIP, for me at least, bringing up my children in a secure environment, with no financial worries bugging me should be enough, for now.

Mr VIP :

Mr VIP promised that there are actually a lot of changes happening up there and plead for chance and time to prove it. He agreed with my view that priorities and policies should be on par to provide the people with comfortable living.

Mr VIP told the audiences, that believe or not, the People Up There are listening and they got the message.

Loud and clear, Mr. VIP added.

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