Friday, January 22, 2010


I have a friend.

Recently he complained about having headaches all the time and chest pains. He went to see a doctor and was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The chest pains turns out to be panic attacks.

We talked about it.

I told him that maybe its time to start exercising. Told him my story, of how I did it. He said he will try.

2 months ago, we had the same conversation abut his health. Again complained about his high blood pressure. I asked him if he had started exercising, and he told me that he dont have time to do it.

About a week ago, we chatted again, and again he complained of the same thing.

Akula's friend :"Ah, aku sibuk sangat, tak de masa nak buat."

Risking my friendship, I told him ;

"Bro, anak hang semua mengiak-ngiak lagi. Yang kecik tak sampai setahun pun. Kalau ler takdir hang pendek umur sebab masalah kesihatan hang ni, apa nak jadi dengan anak bini hang. Kalau hang kiok kira oraitlah, itu masalah hang dengan Tuhan dalam kubur. Ni yang tinggal, anak-anak kecik mengiak, kalau bini kerja kira orait lah jugak, kalau tak kerja, sapa nak bagi makan? Hang nak biar anak hang besar tak de bapak? Kalau anak hang pompuan nak kawin nanti, hang tak nak rasa nak nikahkan anak hang? Kalau hang tak buat untuk diri hang, at least pikir anak-anak hang. Kita umur sama bro, sekarang masa generasi kita pulak yang jalan, tengok member-member kita yang dah meninggal , 42, jalan, 40, jalan, 38, stroke, jadi agar-agar. Yang sengsara sapa? Bukan anak bini? Kalau hang exercise, peh tu padam jugak, at least hang dah try the best yang hang buleh, which is more better dari duduk diam, makan ubat, serah pada nasib."

He was upset with what I said. We did not chat since.

Today, I heard that he still complains about his high blood pressure.

My point here, is that I can only offer advices. Thats it. Thats all I can do. The will to change must come from him. Only he, himself can make it happen. He is lucky though, because he still have friends whom he could count on to give encouragement and support. When I did it a year ago, mocking remarks were thrown at my way, except for a few true friends who believed I could do it.

The thing with all this is, I really want to be there and feels proud when my daughters graduates from school. I want to be there when my daughters tells me they meet someone and falls in love. I want to be the father who gives away his daughters on their wedding day. And one fine day, I hope they'll tell me that they are really proud to have me as a father.

I can never do all that, if I do not take care of my health, being 41 years old and a chain smoker. Yes, its true that I manage to loose weight and are exercising regularly, but I can do more.

I am now at the second phase of my goal to change my lifestyle to become healthier. You might by now know what I am referring too. I am quitting cigarette after having been slaved by it for the last 26 years.

I gradually lessened my cigarette intake from an average of 36 sticks per day last 2 weeks, to 8-9 sticks last week. This week, I manage to reduce it further to an average of 5-6 sticks per day. I no longer bring a pack of ciggarette and a lighter with me, wherever I go.

I aim to be free of cigarette completely in the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

As for that friend of mine, I do hope I insulted him enough to make him think.


  1. last 26 years ago, kita sama sama me"ladoz" dalam train from Ipoh to KL. Then, bila sampai KL, kita nyayi lagu alleycat - Kuala Lumpur, semyumanmu, dipagi ini ....... sambil menghembus rokok dengan bangga nya! and, still wanna wish you all the best in your free of cigarette mission bro!

  2. Jimmy Tsunami: Hehehe, I remember that. Thanks for your wish bro. Jom ler kita sama-sama meninggalkan ladoz lepas 26 tahun dengan bangganya pulak.

    Aku lama giler dah tak naik train. We should do it someday kot.

  3. I want to be there when my daughters tells me they meet someone and falls in love. <-- aiyooo abah garangggg.takut la nak bgtau dah ada boifren mat saleh!hehehhe