Friday, January 15, 2010



Life is never a white and black thing. Never A is A or B is B. Mathematical formula's dont mean shit in life.

I think, thats exactly what makes life beautiful.

It would be a regimented, boring and too routine if we know whats next in store for us. We will be emotionless. Prepared, of course, but let me repeat it again....... emotionless.

How dull would life be then?

I think, life's challenges and mistakes were specifically designed so that we could analyze, assess and learned from it. And so are its high points. All these, should make us better informed and wiser.

That is, if we take heed of it all. Otherwise we are a mere damned fool.

I would say, that the best way to confront whatever life has in its arsenal is to face it head on. A little bit of attitude do helps.

So keep our heads up high.

F**k em all!

Note: Akula is having a Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome. Please do forgive the mindless rantings and the language. :)

Chain smokers are affected much more than occasional or social smokers. Generally, these people tend to have a smoke as the first task in the morning or during coffee breaks, and it becomes highly difficult for them when they have to live without it. People tend to suffer from loss of concentration, restlessness, panting and perspiration, tension, insomnia, dizziness, irregular sleeping patterns, lowering levels of physical activity, constant fatigue and drowsiness, increased appetite as well as frequent headaches. Some people even feel the consequence while cutting down the frequency of smoking or the number of smokes during the day. The other common symptoms include anger, depression, anxiety and impaired performance level.


  1. Nicotine Withdrawal ? Anyway, wish you the best bro!! No more "perfectionists in tobacco"

  2. JImmy : Heheh, THanks bro. I need all the help and support I can get.