Thursday, October 8, 2009


If I have money to spare right now, I would definitely drop everything and buy the Canon EOS Mark II 5D.

The thing is, I am beginning to like Canon DSLR cameras, after witnessing the visible quality difference of pictures taken by series of Canon DSLR cameras owned by my friends, as compared to my own Nikon D70s. I have to say, pics by Canon DSLR cameras projects more clarity and captures almost every details available at that moment of the particular shot.

Researching hundeds of reviews on the Internet, reveals the superior advantage Canon DSLRs had over Nikons.

The problem with that is, I have invested a lot on my Nikon D70s. 3 different zoom lens, speedlights and various other accessories which I acquired over the years. If ever I decide to buy a Canon DSLR, I would have to start spending quite a bit of money again.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II costs around CHF 4,999.00 which translate to about RM 16,000.00. Its a damn lot of money. With that amount of cash, alternatively, people can use it as a down payment of a decent house, or a car, or buy 3 kapchais, or to buat belanja hantaran. But, of course, all that will not measure up to the 21 megapixels, 1080p video, 3.0" VGA LCD, Live view, and higher capacity battery offered by the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, that is, if your die hard interest is all about taking awesome pictures.

Admittingly, I have to reluctantly conclude, its not that Nikon DLSR cameras are not great, its just that Canon DSLR cameras are better.

Now, if you want to help me out, I am accepting cash donation.



  1. Bro, sana takda Nescafe tarik and nasi lemak?

  2. the D70s gears?bole dgn baik hatinyer menderma kpd sy..sekian..hehe..

  3. bro, buka warung jual nescafe tarik & nasi lemak and start saving, hehehehe. That d70 pun boleh derma kat saya gak. Kekekeke

  4. Jimmy : Yang orang rumah aku buat adalah.

  5. .: Bb & Ling :.

    We talk talk la. ok?

  6. Aida : Mak ai! Semua nak orang derma. Derma kat aku dulu untuk Tabung Mark II. Then baru boleh consider D70s nak buat apa.

  7. E43 ST : Ni tengah main la ni. 2 kumpulan kutu yang aktif.