Sunday, August 16, 2009


I FINALLY did it!

Hit my target weight last Thursday. Well its a bit over actually, at 79.9 kg.

As promised, and not at all bragging, the before and after pic.

10 months ago, 104 kg, sagging breast, over expanded belly, with all the glory.

No more perut terjuih.

THE SPEECH. ( You always have to have a speech la.)

I would like to thank my love one, who always believe that I could do it, even if sometimes she did not say it out loud. Thank you for your encouragement and patience with a hot headed, stressful, trying to loose weight husband. I love you!

Thank you to my daughters.

Along, who always asked me how much do I weight every week to check my progress.
Angah, who always said I can do it.
Chacha (the youngest one) , who always encouraged me with her own "You can do it, Abah!. You have to be healthy!"

To my friends.

Haji Z, Azizul, Man Kucing (my biking buddy) and the rest of my office colleagues and superiors in Malaysia.

E43St for the walk around PLCC.

Mr M and for giving a solid advice ' If you have it, use it!' and Mrs A for believing in me.

The NZ, Wangsa Maju, Teh Tarik Session mates. Bros, thanks for the encouragement.

My next door neighbour, the single girls who always scampered running into their house, whenever I came back with a serious a face from my exercise in the evening. (I was actually very tired girls, thats why the serious face. Hehe)

Dr. Guna who said `The choice is yours to make, either start exercise or risk all that coming to you'.

Those interesting people I met while doing my daily exercise routine.

The ex big biker (and also an ex smoker).
The lady with the family in front of PLCC whom I met every Sunday morning.
The Indonesian worker who never fail to say hello in PLCC whenever he saw me.
The polite salesgirl and salesman at Fitness Concept, Alamanda, Putrajaya.
The nice PLCC guards who I am sure, were wondering who is that crazy guy, walking around PLCC three times twice daily, wearing windbreaker even under the hot and shimmering sun.

The sponsors (I wish!)

GT Bicycles
Anakku Diapers
Apple Ipod Nano
Pagoda T shirts
100 Plus

Those who were encouraged and inspired and started to exercise on their own, I am glad and forever humbled.

Special thanks for the Nasi Lemak And Nescafe Tarik readers and those who drop by here in this new blog.

And lastly, to those who doubted my intention, throwed insults and sniggered negative remarks and said I can't do it.

You can f**k the hell off!


  1. Bravo bro. Lu memang canggih. Gua tabik la sama lu. Sorry la tak dapat join celebration lu tengahari tadi. Bukan sombong... as the saying goes.. boss is always right. Keep it up bro.


  2. *Clapping thunderously*

    Fuhh!! Respect la you, bro... Kuat betul semangat!!
    Caya laa...

  3. bro..... congratulations! I tengah ikut jejak langkah you ni, now very determine because hari ni I can sarung my xl baju, hahahaha (dulu pakai XXL!) :)

  4. bro, make it 69.9kg pulak! anyway, thanxs for the happy Ramadhan sms last Friday

  5. Anon: Thank You. Hope the same to you too

  6. Mya : Thanks! And oh. Met your best friend in Bern. Oooo tak sangka ye. Hehe

  7. Aida: Thats great! You CAN do it! Keep it up sis!

  8. Jimmy Tsunami: Heheh bro 69 selalu buat gak memalam.

  9. Hehe... i think i'll share the pics of a half naked akula with that friend...

  10. mya: Hahahaha, thats really funny.

  11. Bro,

    you are my inspiration bro.Gua baru lost 3kg.Hehehe...

  12. drbubbles: Hehehhe, janji ada kurang bro. Oklah tu.