Monday, August 3, 2009


Sometimes its the odd and bizarre things that inspires us, or make us realize something that we should or should not do.

Like that song You Keep Me Hanging On by Kim Wilde did to me.

The thing is, I have been struggling to achieve my desired weight. Its been 2 weeks since I scaled 80.7 kg.

At that time I just need to shed another 0.7 kg to meet my goal. I dont know what happened since usually, loosing that much amount of body weight should not be a problem to me, since I did manage to loose about 20 kg since last November.

Its really a frustrating situation for me. And I was really in a foul mood for the last 2 weeks.

A friend told me that its always the last leg which is the hardest.

I have to admit that its getting really difficult to go out and exercise. And thats not because of lack of stamina either. Its really getting harder to put on the running shoes. I think I am at that point where since I know I can afford not to exercise for a day or two, I can take it easy.

Which in a way, hampered my overall progress.

Just now, I was running as usual when I heard that Kim Wilde song. Well, its just another 80s love song and I know its not one of my favourite since I dont remember it. But it made me think that I should also probably refocus and hang on to my goal. It made me realize that I am now preaching my yet to achieve success to everybody who asked me how I lost my weight, instead of concentrating to achieving it.

Which makes me feel really bad since I did not achieve anything yet. I think I am too busy getting proud of myself.


That Kim Wilde song reminds me why I am doing this in the first place.

I need to wake up from that proud of myself shit and just humbly focus on my target.


  1. Nanti kita masuk rancangan "the great looser" lah.

  2. Jimmy tsunami: Boleh jugaaa dah.